1st Stop Construction

1st Stop Construction is a full service construction company based in Covington, Ga. It is the only source you will need for your design, construction (maintenance, repairs, alterations, and complete renovations), and property management needs.

We take full ownership and responsibility of every project we are apart of; that way, our clients always get the results they want and deserve. We have assumed and implemented a unique team approach within our company that helps allow us to deviate from many of the other problems people typically face when trying to evaluate, select, and work with a construction company.

Our Specialty

We specialize in insurance claim remediation and complete interior and exterior renovations for homes and businesses in Georgia. Furthermore, as part of our everyday quest to satisfy our clients, we also take on maintenance, repair, alteration, renovation and property management engagements in order to satisfy their needs.

Our Difference

At 1st Stop Construction, we see ourselves as a company on the breaking edge of construction. We are making history by changing the way services are provided by us. Currently, thousands of contractors throughout the country provide similar services. None are as successful at providing these completely and effectively as 1st Stop. There is a good reason for this. Given a choice, most contractors opt for their business to grow vertically rather than horizontally. This means most contractors prefer to engage in bigger job rather than execute many small jobs simultaneously.

Granted, it is generally easier to run a few larger jobs than many smaller ones. However, our approach enables us to serve all who call upon us, and serve them in a timely manner without sacrificing excellence. This is what 1st Stop is all about...that is what we do well. The secret to our business success is very simple. We have developed systems to satisfy all sides of the equation. Because our clients and employees are happy, our company is therefore profitable. This approach has allowed us to grow into a successful construction company dedicated to customer service.

Our Mission

At 1st Stop Construction, we strive to provide the best solutions, the latest product trends and the best installation methods and cutting edge techniques. We are a full-service design and construction firm. The fact that we provide our clients with the materials as well as the labor separates us from the competition.